Swordy Recent Press

A New Angle On Nidhogg: Swordy …A local multiplayer sword ‘em up for up to four players, it’s top-down battles appear to be physics-driven dances of death, during which players spin to slice and scurry to stab…. Swordy looks splendid.Rock, Paper, Shotgun
You call your game Swordy and you have my attention, my interest, and Gimli’s axe, the heroic dwarf not quite understanding that it’s primarily a game about enormous swords. As shown at PAX, Swordy is a top-down local multiplayer thing where you hit your friends in the face until they explode in a shower of chunky pixels. The only caveat is that you have to do that in the game, rather in real life, or else the police get involved and it’s this whole big thing. Developers Frogshark released a trailer a little while ago showing the game in action; you can find the sworded video below.PC Gamer
Swordy is a Kiwi-developed local multiplayer brawler that takes physics seriously, it’s newtonian nastiness.Matt Maguire, Gameplanet.co.nz
… it’s quite the visual spectacle… Oh, and when you kill someone, they explode in a shower of colorful pixely goodness.overclockersclub