Swordy PAX Aus Press

…brutal face-smashing gameplay with a colourful art style that sees the guts of your opponents splattered across the floor in swatches of technicoloured pixels, Swordy promises to be mad fun.Lucy O'Brien, IGN
For pure, unalloyed fun, Swordy from New Zealand studio Frogshark takes the biscuit… It’s utterly spectacular mayhem.Michelle Starr, CNET

Let me tell you about my favourite indy game of the show. It’s like putting four of Diablo’s barbarians in a confined space and watching them whirlwind at each other like maniacs and it’s every bit as fun as that sounds.Sean Goodison, Highscorekid
I had a bunch of fun swirling my weapon and running for cover.Raj Deut, Reckoner
Swordy executes that core mechanic so brilliantly it is just a blast to play. Looks pretty too, that flat polygonal texturing style works well in the game.Stuart Nicholson, Five Volt High
Swordy is a part of a growing number of local competitive games that promise to keep your game nights buzzing with laughter until things start to get a bit heated over controller supremacy.Ben Pfarrer, Aussie Game Geek
One title worth mentioning was Swordy, a 2D top-down fighter game with up to eight players.Brendan Roberts, Progress Bar
There was a huge ANZ Indie area showcasing the work of local developers including kiwi outfit Frogshark showing off their odd physics-based combat game, Swordy.Techday
The longsword spinning tactics that I see some of the players using kind of remind me of Hammerfight.Isaac L, SharcTank
Unique… it looks really good.Extreme Beyond

The rad name was enough to get my initial attention… but the game itself kept me at the booth.

Nate Burr, Blunty