Sports test

Here’s some footage from our first public playtest of an experimental sports mode in Swordy!

The footage is from the Auckland Game Developers meetup.

This was put together in a “greybox” state to test the concept so the environment, effects and feedback are all temporary. There are some obvious issues with the visuals at the moment missing clarity and feedback, goood team differentiation and feedback on goals etc.


What we learned:

  • It was better than expected for experienced Swordy players.
  • It was much worse than expected for beginner Swordy players (too stressful and urgent an environment to be learning controls in).
  • 1v1 doesn’t work so well. 2v2+ best.
  • “Missing something” – Might try things like giving knives to the team who lost a point? Maybe add multiple goals? Spice things up occasionally.
  • The ball needs a velocity limiter.
  • Need a time limit – sudden death, multi-ball?
  • Might try a push-pull scoring system.

Overall its clumsy and frustrating-QWOP-style, but fun with a group of friends.

See the associated Screenshot Saturday 228 post here.