Swordy has been greenlit!


Swordy has been Greenlit on Steam! For all the horror stories we’ve read about Greenlight, this campaign exceeded our expectations. The response and discussions has been great and we are grateful to the community for all the support, votes, shares, comments and discussions. At this stage we will continue responding to questions, discussions and comments while focusing on bringing the game closer to it’s Early Access release.

Our campaign In a nutshell:

  • 13,492 Unique visitors
  • 6,245 “yes” votes
  • 1,083 “no” votes
  • 83% yes votes vs. average top 50 being 61%
  • Made it to the top 100 in 16 hours
  • Passed Greenlight in 6 days at #7

Greenlight offers somewhat limited analytics and their graphs can be misleading. The flattening of the cumulative vote graph and the zeroing out of the views vs votes is due to the way steam handles daily updates. Valve calculate metrics daily, which reset to zero for every new day. We got greenlit just at the start of a new analytics day, hence the low numbers on the last graph leg.