Swordy Singleplayer Missions Update!

This is our biggest update yet – our first big “content update”.

Until now Swordy has been primarily a competitive multiplayer experience. We’ve been working hard to come up with a module that allows single player and co-operative play.

You can now play through what we call single player “missions” – an encounter based progression mode and framework. This first phase of single player / co-op content paves the way towards more types of encounters and scenarios in the future.

We hope you enjoy the new addition to the game! Feedback is really important to us and we read all of your comments and discussion threads, so come join us over on the Swordy Steam page for more information and community discussion!

  • Added mission system!
  • Added “Basic Training” single player / co-op mission.
  • Added “Forest Trial” single player / co-op mission.
  • Added “Sword Challenge” single player / co-op mission.
  • Added character body location based damage!
  • Added armour system!
  • Added plate armour sets.
  • Added new weapon: Stick.
  • Added new weapon: Spiked Flail.
  • Added toggle for “Input API” to chose between XInput (recommended) and DirectInput (eight player support).
  • Added sound effects to Deathmatch points feathers.
  • Added sound effects for foliage bush collisions.
  • Added sound effects for the color changer.
  • Added sound effects for in-game crown.
  • Added sound effects to reward screen skull award.
  • Added music to Deathmatch reward screen.
  • Added additional “How to play” line “Hold right trigger for an aggressive
  • stance with extended reach but a less defensive weapon angle.”
  • Improved Spear sound effects.
  • Improved player character visual preparing for further player customization.
  • Improved weapon damage balancing.
  • Improved AI separation to avoid friendly damage.
  • Improved character damage impact voice sounds.
  • Improved character corpse skin color – now returns to base color instead of staying red.
  • Improved in-game feather visual effects.
  • Improved character’s hurt voice sound effects to be based on damage dealt.
  • Improved in-game time slow effects on large impacts.
  • Fixed bug with input passing to characters while in System / Pause menus.
  • Fixed bug with cleaving causing damage spikes.
  • Fixed bug: reconnecting/changes to connected gamepads no longer stops all gamepad input in XInput mode (InControl update 1.6.7)

One major addition this update is locational damage and armour. Previously we used a large capsule collider for characters, we now have individual colliders for body locations: arms, legs, chest and head. Damage is modified by location – limbs take less damage, the head takes more.

When armour is picked up it is attached to the relevant locations. Damage is applied via body colliders or attached armour colliders. The damage applied to the character and the armour is modified by the armour’s parameters.

For now we only have one type of solid plate armour, with rigid attachment and 100% cleave and slice protection. This will expand in future with armour that can be cleaved and armours using skinned meshes that can cover more locations.

We also found and fixed some bugs related to bladed weapons and cleaving damage, which should be more consistent now. Chest and head locations still take quite a lot of damage from blades, be careful!

We have integrated a toggle in the System menu to switch between XInput and DirectInput. The main benefit of DirectInput is that it allows more than four Xbox 360 gamepads to connect at once, it however limits Xbox 360 gamepad trigger input into one axis and may be a bit more unstable as its new to Swordy. If you do not require more than four Xbox 360 gamepad support we recommend you leave the default setting of XInput. As a side note: up to eight Xbox One gamepads are fully supported by XInput.

We had success with the preview branch for players willing to test and give us feedback for updates before we make everything public. Thanks heaps to those that send in thoughts, bugs and ideas. We will be continuing this in future. If you are feeling adventurous – in the Swordy properties window from your Steam Library change the branch to “beta” under the “BETAS” tab.

Let us know what you think! Join our Forum, or head over to Steam discussion page!

Thank you!
The Frogshark Team.