Champions Update!


New game mode: CHAMPIONS
Champions mode is designed for customizable competitive combat. It has a “prep phase” where players can select equipment and armour. Rounds are played out until a victor has two points. At the start of each round players are reset to their specified loadouts to keep things even. Champions mode does not yet work with AI, so you currently need two or more people to play!

Improved Character movement and sprinting.
We have made a bunch of improvements surrounding character locomotion. Along with fixing the acceleration/speed calculation we were using we have improved the dash and sprint system and added stamina. A breathing animation and breath effects have been added to help portray character’s stamina state. Added footstep sounds too. Try clicking the left stick (L3) for a quick dash, and try holding down the left stick (L3) while moving for sprint.

Improved item throwing.
We have improved the general item throwing physics and fixed single handed throws. We have also added a homing system for thrown items too. This makes throwing a bit more forgiving and helps bring a bit of the emphasis more toward strategy and player decision than perfect mechanical mastery just to hit.

Music system upgrade.
We have switched over our music system to Elias which allows for much more smooth and dynamic transitions. Camp music changes every time you start the game. Combat music has been improved to respond to in-game events like deaths, killstreaks and overall match progress.

Armour paint color
Watching Let’s Play-ers play the missions we saw many of them finding it difficult to keep track of their character when fully armoured. This should help!

Improved camera system.
We have improved the camera system to get in closer where it can, adjusting it’s position and tilt dynamically to fit the action. Due to the new closeness we added new point of view zones to the Camp level that will zoom out the camera to fit points of interest.

Level scale
We have reduced the size of the arenas – helping keep the camera and combat close, clear and tense.

Decreased combat speed
We have also slightly decreased the overall game speed. We are really liking this as it gives you a bit more time to see what it going on and react to incoming attacks. It makes combat more clear.

Other stuff
Footstep sounds
Weapon dispensers
Character voices and speech bubbles.
Bug fixes etc.