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PAX AUS 2014 Photos

We posted our PAX Aus 2014 photos! Check them all out here.

It was a blast! Amazing city, epic venue, awesome people.
The response to Swordy has been overwhelming! Its hard to describe just how awesome it is to see so many people enjoying our little game xD

Expect more from us about PAX Aus soon…
Can’t wait to see you all again!

Swordy at Armageddon

Swordy will be at the Armageddon Expo NZGDA INDIE SHOWCASE on Friday 6pm until 9pm and Saturday 10am until 6pm!

Thanks Colab and PIGsty!

See you there >:D

Swordy on Grab it PAX Guide

Swordy PAX Banner

Sneak peak work in progress of our PAX Australia banner created by the awesome Steve Salmond! Follow Steve on Twitter too.

HORDE MODE! Location based damage started.

See all the images here: Screenshot Saturday 189 – Infinite Pics

This week we took a break from polish and business stuff to do a rough prototype of HORDE MODE with (barely) AI – super stupid colliders that charge at you. Ended up playing it for… too long. Pretty fun already!

Made a start on the character location based damage system – with the editor collider setup stuff done. Immediately this will allow armour to… actually be armour and protect you. We’ve got a few ideas to trial with how that will work.

Swordy’s application into the NZGDA KiwiGameStarter is a finalist, so fingers crossed. Got a presentation and Q&A session to do on Friday for that.

Associated Reddit post.
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Swordy Let’s Play with MrEVOLVF

We had a blast playing Swordy with with MrEVOLVF!

Check out Swordy’s first gameplay footage.

Swordy Recent Press

A New Angle On Nidhogg: Swordy …A local multiplayer sword ‘em up for up to four players, it’s top-down battles appear to be physics-driven dances of death, during which players spin to slice and scurry to stab…. Swordy looks splendid.Rock, Paper, Shotgun
You call your game Swordy and you have my attention, my interest, and Gimli’s axe, the heroic dwarf not quite understanding that it’s primarily a game about enormous swords. As shown at PAX, Swordy is a top-down local multiplayer thing where you hit your friends in the face until they explode in a shower of chunky pixels. The only caveat is that you have to do that in the game, rather in real life, or else the police get involved and it’s this whole big thing. Developers Frogshark released a trailer a little while ago showing the game in action; you can find the sworded video below.PC Gamer
Swordy is a Kiwi-developed local multiplayer brawler that takes physics seriously, it’s newtonian nastiness.Matt Maguire,
… it’s quite the visual spectacle… Oh, and when you kill someone, they explode in a shower of colorful pixely goodness.overclockersclub

We’re going to PAX AUS


Extreme Impacts – Combat GIFs

See all the Swordy GIFs we posted to the Reddit Prime Time ScreenShotSaturday 187 thread here!

The Hammer technique GIF was also popular on r/IndieGaming. Read all the feedback here 😀

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Weather, souls, gold aaaand SCREENSHOTS!

These last few weeks we have finished up the weather system. We also implemented a “soul” for the players to help solve an issue we found in play testing where players would lose their characters because of the insta-respawning we have at the moment.

Danny played around with adding coins as another layer of juice / candy.

Alexey got the base weather sound system working too! The sound for wind, rain and thunder all really add to the mood, feeling good 😀

Associated Reddit post.
All previous Screenshot Saturday images are here.