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Swordy is coming to PAX AUS 2016!

We’re bringing Swordy back to PAX AUS this year! PAX was instrumental in shaping Swordy by giving us opportunities and recognition that let us take the project on. We wouldn’t be here if we haven’t had the chance to exhibit back in 2014.

This year, we are once again, back in PAX Rising area. Catch us at Booth #4, right next to Autodesk Cafe!

PAX Rising Map

Can’t wait to catch up with everyone once more. See you at PAX!





Swordy Singleplayer Missions Update!

This is our biggest update yet – our first big “content update”.

Until now Swordy has been primarily a competitive multiplayer experience. We’ve been working hard to come up with a module that allows single player and co-operative play.

You can now play through what we call single player “missions” – an encounter based progression mode and framework. This first phase of single player / co-op content paves the way towards more types of encounters and scenarios in the future.

We hope you enjoy the new addition to the game! Feedback is really important to us and we read all of your comments and discussion threads, so come join us over on the Swordy Steam page for more information and community discussion!

Swordy is out in Early Access!

We did it! Swordy is available now to purchase and play on Steam Early Access!

Until now Swordy was only available if you came to one of our PAX showcases or local NZ gamedev events, and we are extremely excited to enter the stage of development where we can build a community around Swordy and take on the next chapter of development. Local multiplayer games have been growing in popularity and we are stoked to finally be part of the family and evolve Swordy along with it!

If you are a youtuber / streamer / press and want to cover Swordy, head over to our presskit for game and contact details.

Swordy Steam Page is Live!


Swordy’s Steam page is UP

Please show it some love, tell us what you think, add it to your wishlist, share it with your friends!

We are inching towards an Early Access release in a few weeks so stay tuned! See you soon.

May The Fourth

In the spirit of the international phenomenon that is #MayTheFourth, we goofed around with Swordy weapons making a functional lightsaber. It’s unlikely to be one of the official Swordy weapons, but who knows 😉

Frogshark & Chromacon Special: Aurora44, Ashen.

After a great weekend at Play By Play festival in Wellington, we stopped by Aurora44’s HQ, played some Ashen and talked about their experience going indie with an ambitious game. This episode is co-produced with Allan Xia from Chromacon.

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Swordy has been greenlit!


Swordy has been Greenlit on Steam! For all the horror stories we’ve read about Greenlight, this campaign exceeded our expectations. The response and discussions has been great and we are grateful to the community for all the support, votes, shares, comments and discussions. At this stage we will continue responding to questions, discussions and comments while focusing on bringing the game closer to it’s Early Access release.

Our campaign In a nutshell:

  • 13,492 Unique visitors
  • 6,245 “yes” votes
  • 1,083 “no” votes
  • 83% yes votes vs. average top 50 being 61%
  • Made it to the top 100 in 16 hours
  • Passed Greenlight in 6 days at #7

Swordy on Greenlight


We have reached an important milestone! Swordy is now on Greenlight. Swordy surpassed top #100 in 17 hours and broke top #10 in 4 days and still going. The community on Greenlight has been great and the response exceeded our expectations! Please vote & share! We appreciate all the support we get!

Frogshark Podcast #08: Tony Coculuzzi, Cuphead, PAX Aus

At the end of October, the Frogshark team went over to Melbourne for a week of game conventions and expos. Had an awesome chat with Tony Coculuzzi, lead developer on Cuphead at PAX! Tony shares some insights into how they work at MDHR, then we walk the showfloor, play Cuphead and check out some indie games!

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Two weeks ago we got back from Melbourne International Games Week in Australia. It’s been a year since the last time we went. This year was bigger and better as it should! The week was full on. There were Unite, GCAP and PAX conferences, the Arcade open day once again, INTIMATE was an amazing night put up by and Wonder Consortium indie game collectives, Megadev party with lots of gamedevs partying every night. It was exhausting and very inspiring!