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Champions Update!

Swordy is coming to PAX AUS 2016!

We’re bringing Swordy back to PAX AUS this year! PAX was instrumental in shaping Swordy by giving us opportunities and recognition that let us take the project on. We wouldn’t be here if we haven’t had the chance to exhibit back in 2014.

This year, we are once again, back in PAX Rising area. Catch us at Booth #4, right next to Autodesk Cafe!

PAX Rising Map

Can’t wait to catch up with everyone once more. See you at PAX!





Swordy Singleplayer Missions Update!

This is our biggest update yet – our first big “content update”.

Until now Swordy has been primarily a competitive multiplayer experience. We’ve been working hard to come up with a module that allows single player and co-operative play.

You can now play through what we call single player “missions” – an encounter based progression mode and framework. This first phase of single player / co-op content paves the way towards more types of encounters and scenarios in the future.

We hope you enjoy the new addition to the game! Feedback is really important to us and we read all of your comments and discussion threads, so come join us over on the Swordy Steam page for more information and community discussion!

Sneak peek of Swordy’s first update!


We are wrapping up our first content update since launching on Early Access!

Going to take one last week for final clean ups, balancing and polish – so this is a bit of a sneak peek.

We’ve finally added Armour to Swordy and switched from a simple capsule to body location colliders that can take damage (or be defended by armour!). The armour pieces take damage and can be destroyed. Different armour will defend against different types of damage. For example: metal plate is great at defending against bladed weapons, but still absorb a lot of “bash” (hammer / flail) damage. The armour is repaired by picking up an identical piece.

This update will make our initial release of “Missions” playable which set the stage for continued single-player/co-op content. These first missions are quite simple: progression of challenge by fighting increasingly armed (and armoured) combatants in a Forrest trial. Building this has allowed us to setup a number of systems future content will build and improve upon.

Swordy is out in Early Access!

We did it! Swordy is available now to purchase and play on Steam Early Access!

Until now Swordy was only available if you came to one of our PAX showcases or local NZ gamedev events, and we are extremely excited to enter the stage of development where we can build a community around Swordy and take on the next chapter of development. Local multiplayer games have been growing in popularity and we are stoked to finally be part of the family and evolve Swordy along with it!

If you are a youtuber / streamer / press and want to cover Swordy, head over to our presskit for game and contact details.

Color changer and Spear!

Finishing up our final testing phase before Early Access release in six days! (22nd July). Been fixing a lot of bugs and getting final things finished up – like the color changer! A bunch of our testers suggested/wanted being able to pick their own color. Being able to set your color helps you identify a bit more with your character on screen and find them easier when things get hectic!

We are also showing off our newest weapon – the spear! It was added a few weeks ago. Its a really fun weapon to use due to its long length and bendiness. It does a decent amount of slicing damage with the metal tip, but if you hit your enemy with the wooden stick part it does not much damage, just force – so it’s weakness is close range.

Swordy is out in one week!

SwordyPromotionalArt - oneWeek

We are making Swordy available through Steam Early Access to help build a community that is involved in shaping and refining the full game.

Early Access release is July 22, 2016 at Midnight PDT time!


Follow, wishlist and let us know what you think!
Can’t wait for you all to play!


This week we are showing off our camp/tutorial level. Its the first thing players see when they start playing. Going south greets players with a simple tutorial/training area where they can play and learn the basics, going north moves into the main game.

Swordy Early Access Beta

Hey everyone!

We are very close to releasing Swordy on Steam Early Access!
Before we do that we need your help with testing and feedback on the build!

Please fill out this form if you are willing to help us play-test Swordy and send us any feedback, reports of bugs and info on any crashes that might happen so we can do a smooth release!

We are looking for a variety of hardware to test on. Depending on application numbers we will be selecting staggered batches of testers.

EDIT: Beta sign up is now closed.

Swordy Steam Page is Live!


Swordy’s Steam page is UP

Please show it some love, tell us what you think, add it to your wishlist, share it with your friends!

We are inching towards an Early Access release in a few weeks so stay tuned! See you soon.