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We are taking Swordy to PAX Aus in Melbourne again this year. 2014 was really successful one for us, the show is largely the reason we are where we are right now. Swordy is coming to Xbox One because we met the right people at the show, and the amazing response we received from the players is to thank for our commitment to Swordy.

Swordy will be part of PAX Rising pavilion, booth #4. We will have 2 machines set up with 4 players each, so come play, bring your friends and grab one of our notorious pins that are making a comeback this year!


White Peak Arena

We’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes work cleaning up systems and re-working weapon handling. It’s hard to see progress when most of the new things are in the game feel and not content, so to keep motivated and get some shiny new visuals out, we came up with a new arena, codename “White Peak”. It’s a no-border arena where you can easily fall off the edges if you’re not careful enough.

Frogshark Podcast #07: Chris McFarland, Allan Xia, Rox Flame

We gather at Rox Flame‘s AirBnB, joined by Chris McFarland and Allan Xia to talk about their games and reflect on NZGDC15 and KiwiGameStarter!

Check out Chris’s game Tallowmere, Allan’s festival Chromacon, follow Dynabrick development and watch NZGDC15 Indie gamedev panel!

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NZGDC Indiedev Panel

Every year, gamedevs from all over New Zealand gather at NZGDC. On Friday 11th NZGDA held the annual conference and we were lucky to be part of it! Join the indie gamedev panel with Alexey Botkov, Peter Curry of Minimetro, Joe Chang of Phantasmal and legend Dean Hall of Rocketwerkz!

Frogshark Podcast #06: Ryan McKee – Vector36

Space engineer turned game developer Ryan McKee came up for a visit to exhibit his game Vector36 at Microsoft Ignite. He tells us about his game, design process and shares his development and release plans.

Check out Vector36 and the Greenlight page!
Music by Kubix from the game’s soundtrack. Check him out on Soundcloud.

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Swordy at Bit Bash


Interactive arts festival Bit Bash is on this weekend! Swordy will be on display amongst some of our own favorite indie games, so if you’re in Chicago tomorrow, come check it out!

Tentacles Sneak Peak

A sneak peek at our experimental work in progress Octopus monster! Danny created this to be driven by physics, and includes weapon cleaving and dismemberment. Fun to play around with at the moment, but still lots to work out :D.

Alexey posted his latest Swordy audio sketches for the last Soundtrack Sunday.

Associated Reddit post.
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Screenshotsaturday posts are here (Imgur album).

Frogshark Podcast #05: Pop-Up Arcade

We gather with the Gatland siblings Matthew and Alice with Kate Anwen, creators of Pop-Up Arcade, an event designed to showcase New Zealand made video games. They share what Pop-Up Arcade is all about, what other things they have going on and their plans to expand video game awareness and education in NZ.
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Sports test

Here’s some footage from our first public playtest of an experimental sports mode in Swordy!

The footage is from the Auckland Game Developers meetup.

Swordy selected for E3 IndieCade Showcase!

We are proud to be selected to show Swordy at E3 IndieCade Showcase along with some awesome indie games!