Swordy selected for E3 IndieCade Showcase!

We are proud to be selected to show Swordy at E3 IndieCade Showcase along with some awesome indie games!

Frogshark Podcast #04: Chromacon, Freeplay

We sit down with organizer of Chromacon Allan Xia to talk about the event, difficulties faced setting it up and overall issues of creative independence in New Zealand. Matthew Galtand joins in as a guest, having visited Freeplay Independent Games Festival​ in Melbourne, bringing back some of the experiences and inspirations of the indie scene there.

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Axe cleaving shield piercing action!

This week we have added cleaving – seen in the videos. It feels pretty awesome to use and seems to give some feeling of material and… realness to wooden things and flesh.

We also added a dash ability – you can see the players dashing in the videos too. Its added another layer of depth to the combat for us – can be used both offensively and defensively. Each moment is a bit more intense when you know another player could dash in range at any moment.

Oh! And there are scraping and sliding sounds for weapons.
We have started work on AI, but for now that stays secret…

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May Gamedev Meetup

It’s been a full year since the last May meetup. We’ve come a long way since then. Swordy as well as frogshark as a studio and the community in general have grown.

This month Ben Kenobi of NZGDA hosted a panel, talking about GDC, as an extension of our Frogscast episode. We also showcased latest Swordy features that included improved weapon handling and cleave.



Swordy at Chromacon 2015

Swordy will be coming to Chromacon, an indie arts festival held in Auckland, New Zealand on the 18-19th of April – Free entry!

You can help the festival by donating to their Kickstarter!


PAX East 2015

Mid way through GDC we split up and two of us went to Boston to showcase Swordy at PAX East.

PAX is a very different beast. While both are densely populated with talented developers, PAX is a consumer event where people come to check out new games, compete in tournaments and dip into the latest and greatest of the gaming culture.

GDC 2015 Experience


We survived GDC! It was our first GDC as well as first time in USA.
Huge thanks to NZGDA and ID@Xbox, without them we wouldn’t have made it to the conference or had the experience we did.

The main goal for us at GDC was attending the Microsoft Loft event, where we announced Swordy on Xbox One. Over thirty developers were showcasing new indie games that are heading to Xbox One. Shovel Night, Cuphead, Flame in the Flood being some of our favorites (check out a more detailed list of exhibitors here).

Frogshark Podcast #03: GDC, PAX East

We got together with Joe Chang from Eyemobi, Matthew Gatland, organizer of popup arcade and Farah Khalaf, a gamedev student at AUT to reflect on our first time ever GDC. We show some of the footage we took at the events, discuss our experiences and takeaways, what does it mean for NZ dev scene and where do we go from there.

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Frogshark Podcast #02 Wild Streets post mortem

Toby Falconer, Bronwyn Bent and Matthew Gatland join in to talk post-mortem of Wild Streets festival of play that happened on February 7th at Daldy Street Park, Auckland.

Discussing nature of street games, design, play testing, managing games for adults and children.

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Unity5, Fabric, arena tests, tutorial started.

We have upgraded to Unity5 – the new lighting (GI) system is awesome! The new physics is a pretty massive performance improvement for us being heavily physics based.

We have switched from FMOD to the Fabric – a bit easier to work with being properly integrated into Unity and having documentation.

Prototyped several new arenas – polished one.

Been setting up a unobtrusive tutorial system, which will hopefully only help out players that it detects are not grasping the controls – needs testing!

Also cleaning things up and getting ready for trying out some gameplay changing features: duel wielding, “grabby hands”, projectile weapons, stamina and a “dash” ability.

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