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July 22 2016

Xbox One
Windows 10


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Swordy is a local party brawler with chaotic physics-based action. Master the weapons of war, using momentum and timing to fight for your life in a world built on the bones of a ruined empire.

About Swordy

What is Swordy?

Swordy at it's core is a physics based brawler. Our unconventional twin stick control scheme lets you wreak havoc on your opponents. Analogue sticks and triggers directly translate into character and weapon movement, enabling you to time your swings, throws and stabs. Swordy’s weapons and damage model are completely physics based, you’ll need to master the momentum and weight of your character and weapon together to fight effectively. It’s easy to pick up but leaves a lot of space for mastery.

Why Swordy?

A lot of the time we spend together is playing or talking about games. Games where we all play together are always the most fun. As we get older, games are still a major part of our lives but to us it's becoming more about the people. Games became a medium in which to get to know other and hang out. To explore worlds and learn together. Stories to share together. At Frogshark we play a lot of local-multiplayer games like Gang Beasts, Ragdoll Masters, Nidhogg, Rocket League, Starwhal, Towerfall, Spelunky, Ultimate Chicken Horse. There’s an obvious theme; local-multiplayer, physics, competitive - which all inspired our first game Swordy one way or another.

Why Early Access?

We have been working on Swordy part and full time for 3 years. We are at a point where we are happy to share the game with the world. Making Swordy available through Steam Early Access will help build an involved community and shape the game towards full release. Early Access proceeds will fund development toward the final release and making Swordy the best game it possibly can be!


  • Fluid and weighty physics based combat.
  • Support for up to 4 local players (up to 8 later in development).
  • Swinging, throwing, stabbing, cleaving, dual wielding and more!
  • Analogue controls for movement, swinging, punching, guarding and aiming.
  • Variety of weapons, arenas and game modes
  • Single player capability with AI players


Steam Early Access trailer YouTube

Swordy Champions trailer YouTube

PAX AUS 2016 Teaser YouTube

ID@Xbox @GDC: Swordy YouTube

PAX AUS Announcement Teaser YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "IndieCade Official Selection" E3, 2015
  • "Kiwi Game Starter" 2nd place, New Zealand, 2015
  • "Play By Play" Finalists, New Zealand, 2016

Selected Articles

  • "Swordy looks splendid."
    - Adam Smith, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • "Swordy is a top-down local multiplayer thing where you hit your friends in the face until they explode in a shower of chunky pixels."
    - Tom Sykes, PC Gamer
  • "…it’s quite the visual spectacle… Oh, and when you kill someone, they explode in a shower of colorful pixely goodness."
    - Andrew Resnick, Overclockers Club
  • "For pure, unalloyed fun, Swordy from New Zealand studio Frogshark takes the biscuit... It's utterly spectacular mayhem."
    - Michelle Starr, CNET
  • "...brutal face-smashing gameplay with a colourful art style that sees the guts of your opponents splattered across the floor in swatches of technicoloured pixels, Swordy promises to be mad fun."
    - Lucy O'Brien, IGN
  • "Newtonian nastiness... a brawler that takes physics a little more seriously than most games in the genre."
    - Matt Maguire, Gameplanet

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Frogshark is a New Zealand independent game studio made up of Alexey Botkov, Danny Lawrie, Gordon Larson and Hamish MacDonald.

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