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Swordy is coming to PAX AUS 2016!

We’re bringing Swordy back to PAX AUS this year! PAX was instrumental in shaping Swordy by giving us opportunities and recognition that let us take the project on. We wouldn’t be here if we haven’t had the chance to exhibit back in 2014.

This year, we are once again, back in PAX Rising area. Catch us at Booth #4, right next to Autodesk Cafe!

PAX Rising Map

Can’t wait to catch up with everyone once more. See you at PAX!





Frogshark & Chromacon Special: Aurora44, Ashen.

After a great weekend at Play By Play festival in Wellington, we stopped by Aurora44’s HQ, played some Ashen and talked about their experience going indie with an ambitious game. This episode is co-produced with Allan Xia from Chromacon.

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Frogshark Podcast #08: Tony Coculuzzi, Cuphead, PAX Aus

At the end of October, the Frogshark team went over to Melbourne for a week of game conventions and expos. Had an awesome chat with Tony Coculuzzi, lead developer on Cuphead at PAX! Tony shares some insights into how they work at MDHR, then we walk the showfloor, play Cuphead and check out some indie games!

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We are taking Swordy to PAX Aus in Melbourne again this year. 2014 was really successful one for us, the show is largely the reason we are where we are right now. Swordy is coming to Xbox One because we met the right people at the show, and the amazing response we received from the players is to thank for our commitment to Swordy.

Swordy will be part of PAX Rising pavilion, booth #4. We will have 2 machines set up with 4 players each, so come play, bring your friends and grab one of our notorious pins that are making a comeback this year!


NZGDC Indiedev Panel

Every year, gamedevs from all over New Zealand gather at NZGDC. On Friday 11th NZGDA held the annual conference and we were lucky to be part of it! Join the indie gamedev panel with Alexey Botkov, Peter Curry of Minimetro, Joe Chang of Phantasmal and legend Dean Hall of Rocketwerkz!

Swordy at Bit Bash


Interactive arts festival Bit Bash is on this weekend! Swordy will be on display amongst some of our own favorite indie games, so if you’re in Chicago tomorrow, come check it out!

Swordy selected for E3 IndieCade Showcase!

We are proud to be selected to show Swordy at E3 IndieCade Showcase along with some awesome indie games!

Swordy at Chromacon 2015

Swordy will be coming to Chromacon, an indie arts festival held in Auckland, New Zealand on the 18-19th of April – Free entry!

You can help the festival by donating to their Kickstarter!


PAX East 2015

Mid way through GDC we split up and two of us went to Boston to showcase Swordy at PAX East.

PAX is a very different beast. While both are densely populated with talented developers, PAX is a consumer event where people come to check out new games, compete in tournaments and dip into the latest and greatest of the gaming culture.

GDC 2015 Experience


We survived GDC! It was our first GDC as well as first time in USA.
Huge thanks to NZGDA and ID@Xbox, without them we wouldn’t have made it to the conference or had the experience we did.

The main goal for us at GDC was attending the Microsoft Loft event, where we announced Swordy on Xbox One. Over thirty developers were showcasing new indie games that are heading to Xbox One. Shovel Night, Cuphead, Flame in the Flood being some of our favorites (check out a more detailed list of exhibitors here).