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Swordy PAX Badges – Manufacturing Postmortem

Everybody loves freebies. When you go to a gaming conventions, part of the fun is getting free stuff. We quickly learned that at PAX, badges (also called pins) are the thing, it’s part of PAX culture. People go nuts collecting them, sometimes wearing them all at once.

Unite, GCAP and PAX Aus!



Melbourne is beautiful. Nice architecture, people, street art. The developer community is really good. It seems well supported, big and well organized.

We were crazy busy. We were up around 7am each day (unheard of) and back at 11pm to 1am. Five full days of conferences in total across six days, going out to bars with devs / organizers / press afterwards each night, and one day of frantic organizing in between. Very little sleep.

Frogshark Podcast #01: PAX AUS Post Mortem

This is the first time we’ve done something like this. We got together with Joe from Eyemobi (Phantasmal) to talk about our experience throughout the 2014 game development events and conventions, starting from NZGDC, Digitalnationz, Armageddon through to GCAP and PAX in Australia.

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PAX AUS 2014 Photos

We posted our PAX Aus 2014 photos! Check them all out here.

It was a blast! Amazing city, epic venue, awesome people.
The response to Swordy has been overwhelming! Its hard to describe just how awesome it is to see so many people enjoying our little game xD

Expect more from us about PAX Aus soon…
Can’t wait to see you all again!

Swordy at Armageddon

Swordy will be at the Armageddon Expo NZGDA INDIE SHOWCASE on Friday 6pm until 9pm and Saturday 10am until 6pm!

Thanks Colab and PIGsty!

See you there >:D

Swordy on Grab it PAX Guide

Swordy PAX Banner

Sneak peak work in progress of our PAX Australia banner created by the awesome Steve Salmond! Follow Steve on Twitter too.

PAX Prep

Our PAX Australia preparations are going well. I’ve been in charge of manufacturing merchandise (pins/badges giveaways, our crew tees, lazercutting and screenprinting). I’ve went full DIY instead of commercially getting them made, primarily because of costs, but also as part of my masters project investigating the whole spectrum of game development practices. I’m learning a lot from this process, I will have to do a write up about this process.

Feels like its coming up fast. Four weeks to go!

We’re going to PAX AUS


Digitalnationz 2013

@Digitalnationz was great success! Very good turnout, people were excited to check out Oculus, we were one of the few exhibitors with one. Lots of different people of all ages came to play. Not only teenagers and young adults, but parents with kids lined up to try it out.

Was amazing to be on the main floor with the rest of the big booths, and of course the smaller indies like ourselves sharing the homegrown stands!