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Sports test

Here’s some footage from our first public playtest of an experimental sports mode in Swordy!

The footage is from the Auckland Game Developers meetup.

May Gamedev Meetup

It’s been a full year since the last May meetup. We’ve come a long way since then. Swordy as well as frogshark as a studio and the community in general have grown.

This month Ben Kenobi of NZGDA hosted a panel, talking about GDC, as an extension of our Frogscast episode. We also showcased latest Swordy features that included improved weapon handling and cleave.



December Gamedev Meetup – PAX Aus Panel

On Wednesday we went to the last meetup of 2014, where I, Bill and Joe talked PAX, GCAP and Australian games week.

Watch a more in-depth discussion about 2014 NZ/AUS games conferences with Joe here. And some of our own look into our PAX experience.

Check out Bill’s and Joe’s games! Scraps, Phantasmal. And of course our game Swordy!

May Gamedev Meetup

Awesome people playing Swordy at the Auckland Game Developers Monthly Meetup

Thanks to everyone who showed up, of course the organizers and @PIGsty_AUT, @bentuhoekenobi, NZGDA, @Colab_AUT.

It was a really good turnout. There seems to be more and more people every month. Not enough seats this time in the lecture theater.

Awesome to see people again, get some playtesting done on Swordy. Getting a lot of good feedback. So cool that we have a couple of regulars now who are there to see Swordy as it evolves – thanks guys!

This month we have new environment art – grass, dirt, trees, ocean, cliffs, finished punch fighting with triggers and improved control input, major refactor of code, continued sound tests aaaaaaaand made a start on kill streak rewards (flaming weapons gameplay integration).

April Gamedev Meetup

People playing Swordy at the April Auckland Game Dev meetup! Featuring punching and awesomeness!

Photos stolen from bentuhoekenobi (thanks!)

Thanks again to @nzgda and @PIGsty_AUT
See you at the next meet up!

March Gamedev Meetup

People playing Swordy at the March Auckland Game Dev meetup!

Was awesome! Cool to see everyone again and meet new people. Another wave of good feedback to take in, lots of work to do!

Huge thanks again to @BenTuhoeKenobi, @nzgda and @PIGsty_AUT!

Atrium Octopus

Sea side Atrium Arena. Ready for play testing at the March NZGDA Meetup!

Wednesday the 5th of March at 6PM in Room WG126, Sir Paul Reeves Building AUT University.

See you there 😀