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Tentacles Sneak Peak

A sneak peek at our experimental work in progress Octopus monster! Danny created this to be driven by physics, and includes weapon cleaving and dismemberment. Fun to play around with at the moment, but still lots to work out :D.

Alexey posted his latest Swordy audio sketches for the last Soundtrack Sunday.

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Sports test

Here’s some footage from our first public playtest of an experimental sports mode in Swordy!

The footage is from the Auckland Game Developers meetup.

Axe cleaving shield piercing action!

This week we have added cleaving – seen in the videos. It feels pretty awesome to use and seems to give some feeling of material and… realness to wooden things and flesh.

We also added a dash ability – you can see the players dashing in the videos too. Its added another layer of depth to the combat for us – can be used both offensively and defensively. Each moment is a bit more intense when you know another player could dash in range at any moment.

Oh! And there are scraping and sliding sounds for weapons.
We have started work on AI, but for now that stays secret…

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Unity5, Fabric, arena tests, tutorial started.

We have upgraded to Unity5 – the new lighting (GI) system is awesome! The new physics is a pretty massive performance improvement for us being heavily physics based.

We have switched from FMOD to the Fabric – a bit easier to work with being properly integrated into Unity and having documentation.

Prototyped several new arenas – polished one.

Been setting up a unobtrusive tutorial system, which will hopefully only help out players that it detects are not grasping the controls – needs testing!

Also cleaning things up and getting ready for trying out some gameplay changing features: duel wielding, “grabby hands”, projectile weapons, stamina and a “dash” ability.

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HORDE MODE! Location based damage started.

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This week we took a break from polish and business stuff to do a rough prototype of HORDE MODE with (barely) AI – super stupid colliders that charge at you. Ended up playing it for… too long. Pretty fun already!

Made a start on the character location based damage system – with the editor collider setup stuff done. Immediately this will allow armour to… actually be armour and protect you. We’ve got a few ideas to trial with how that will work.

Swordy’s application into the NZGDA KiwiGameStarter is a finalist, so fingers crossed. Got a presentation and Q&A session to do on Friday for that.

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Extreme Impacts – Combat GIFs

See all the Swordy GIFs we posted to the Reddit Prime Time ScreenShotSaturday 187 thread here!

The Hammer technique GIF was also popular on r/IndieGaming. Read all the feedback here 😀

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Weather, souls, gold aaaand SCREENSHOTS!

These last few weeks we have finished up the weather system. We also implemented a “soul” for the players to help solve an issue we found in play testing where players would lose their characters because of the insta-respawning we have at the moment.

Danny played around with adding coins as another layer of juice / candy.

Alexey got the base weather sound system working too! The sound for wind, rain and thunder all really add to the mood, feeling good 😀

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Swordy Hot Hot

HOT Swordy #screenshotsaturday!

We have been improving the fire weapons this week.