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Thoughts on VR

Frogshark on TV! Overall a bit weird, awkward and funny to see 90 minutes reduced down to a couple seconds of screen time.

We think there is a bright future for Virtual Reality.

VR has the potential to be one of the biggest platform shifts ever and you can be on the leading edge of that.Michael Abrash

With the sense of “presence” in the virtual world, interacting with another person brings a new level of connection and wonder in virtual space.

Thoughts on Neurotech

Thoughts on Neurotech 11th April 2014

Dmitry Selitskiy from @Thought-Wired showed us some sweet Neurotech.

See Alexey in the GIF moving the cube on the screen with his thoughts.
The experience is a bit clumsy at the moment but it does work! Awesome to see.
Currently training the user is an issue. Its a perfect UX design opportunity and a lot of game potential for a seamless training experience that adapts to the user. Ideally the user would learn through doing, while at the same time the system would be looking for thought pattern in the background.

Psychonauts training school VR!?