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Thoughts on VR

Frogshark on TV! Overall a bit weird, awkward and funny to see 90 minutes reduced down to a couple seconds of screen time.

We think there is a bright future for Virtual Reality.

VR has the potential to be one of the biggest platform shifts ever and you can be on the leading edge of that.Michael Abrash

With the sense of “presence” in the virtual world, interacting with another person brings a new level of connection and wonder in virtual space.

Digitalnationz 2013

@Digitalnationz was great success! Very good turnout, people were excited to check out Oculus, we were one of the few exhibitors with one. Lots of different people of all ages came to play. Not only teenagers and young adults, but parents with kids lined up to try it out.

Was amazing to be on the main floor with the rest of the big booths, and of course the smaller indies like ourselves sharing the homegrown stands!

VR JAM ship designs

New models & art for the hero & enemy ships for our VRjam game, now called Warp! We are taking it to Digitalnationz with Oculus Rift!

VR Jam Ship

During VRjam we only had 1 week to put together the demo, hence most of it was assets salvaged from other projects. This plane in particular was a model I built for fun, which temporarily got to be a hero vehicle. Now I am retiring it to serve as a placeholder for enemy ships, while a new hero model is being implemented.

VR JAM Submission

Last week we finished our submissions for the vrjam, a game jam ran by OculusVR. We only got to work on it for a week part-time instead of 3, but we’re really stoked about the results. We will continue working to make this into something more.