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VR JAM ship designs

New models & art for the hero & enemy ships for our VRjam game, now called Warp! We are taking it to Digitalnationz with Oculus Rift!

VR Jam Ship

During VRjam we only had 1 week to put together the demo, hence most of it was assets salvaged from other projects. This plane in particular was a model I built for fun, which temporarily got to be a hero vehicle. Now I am retiring it to serve as a placeholder for enemy ships, while a new hero model is being implemented.

VR JAM Submission

Last week we finished our submissions for the vrjam, a game jam ran by OculusVR. We only got to work on it for a week part-time instead of 3, but we’re really stoked about the results. We will continue working to make this into something more.